What We Believe 

Ideals A Klansman Stands For
1. THE WHITE RACE: The irreplaceable hub of our nation, our Christian Faith, and the high levels of Western Culture and Technology.
2. THE CONSTITUTION: As originally written and intended. the finest system of
government  ever conceived  by man.
3. FREE ENTERPRIZE: Private property and ownership of business, but an end to high
finance  exploitation.
4. POSITIVE CHRISTIANITY: The right of the American people to practice their faith,
including prayers in schools.

  Explaining Religion
Many times we are asked why we are a Church, what do we believe, who do we accept as members, why don't we accept some and not others.... We hope this guide will better explain our views, and who and what we accept.
Why are we a Church?
In the year 2000, after much work, Reverend Ray Larsen, Imperial Wizard of the NKKKK Inc. was able to get us a Church status. Does this mean we only allow religious people? NO! The reasons we became a Church are many. One of them is so we would be able to get our materials into places that we were not previously allowed, such as jails, and also we would be more securely protected under the First Amendment. It has also helped us in court cases, where being Klan would have not carried weight. Our becoming a Church has.
What do we believe in our Church? We believe in the Bible before liberals translated it. We of the White Race came from Adam and Eve, not monkeys. The Bible clearly shows we are of one lineage, and makes reference to Beasts who walked on two legs. It also spoke of the wrongs of sleeping with these beasts. So we believe that blacks are not our Brothers and Sisters, but are beasts of burden.  To accept evolution fully, is to say that we are equal with these animals, which history shows that we are not equal to, and in fact are superior to.  While the Supreme Court has accepted animals to Vote and Marry with our race, we have not and never will accept this.

   Who do we accept?
To be a member of the Church of the National Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, one must accept the tenants of the Christian religion. That means one must recognize that there is a God who created this beautiful world we live in.  Does that mean we need to go to Church every Sunday? Absolutely not. While we encourage fellowship and prayer, one must be careful of the Church they choose yet they be led astray by liberal preachers. The Bible shows us we are a Church, and that going anywhere to pray is perfectly acceptable.  Does it mean we should lead a holy life? No. It means you must acknowledge there is a God. Whether you are a full Christian or just someone who knows that God is there, you are welcome to our family We do not accept people who follow the occult, whether it is Paganism or Satanism. The Bible is very clear that the occult is a product of Satan, and we do not want this in our church.  Atheists are also not welcome, as they do not believe in the tenants of the Christian religion. Does this mean as a member we should shun non-Christians?  Absolutely Not.  While our beliefs may differ, we are all fighting to maintain White Supremacy. They might not be Klan, they might not be Christians, but they are our allies and should be treated with upmost respect. To do otherwise is to do a disservice to your Race. Only in their attempt to ask you to abandon the Christian religion would you walk away from them.

   The Klansman's Law of Life
I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that you present your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service.
1.     By that we are reminded that we are brethren not only in common cause, but by racial blood as well. Our attention is also directed to the Mercies of God, which we too often forget and fail to recognize and appreciate.  We are also commanded to make a tremendous sacrifice, OUR BODIES.  The Jews had long been accustomed to offer as sacrifices, the dead bodies of animals, but the apostle here demands that we offer OUR OWN BODIES, as a living sacrifice.  This was the supreme test. Man thinks more of his body than anything else he possesses.  He will gladly give up honor, glory, reputation, character, friends, wealth and even his own soul, to save his body.  The soul may be sin-sick, and nearing the portals of eternal death, but he is not alarmed, nor does in the Great Physician to heal the malady. But let the body become sick and endangered and he calls the human physician, post haste, and utilizes every available means to secure relief.
To lay our Bodies, yet Living, on the alter of service, is the supreme sacrifice. We are further informed that is the LIVING SACRIFICE. our bodies, must be HOLY ACCEPTABLE UNTO GOD.  This demands a clean consecrated life. God will not accept an unholy offering. But the apostle modestly declares that this is just our REASONABLE SERVICE.